Granite polishing and stone care is essential maintenance to retain the appearance of this beautiful stone. A popular choice for many commercial and residential installations, from worktops, bathroom tiles and floors. Due to the stone's hard wearing nature, easy maintenance and cleaning, Granite has become a symbol of style in many establishments and homes up and down the country.

The use of granite in architecture, sculpture and even in our floors is a relatively new invention. Up until the early 18th century great skill was required with the laborious use of hand tools and painstaking process required to work with this incredibly tough stone.

With the advent of steam power came more efficient cleaning, polishing, cutting and dressing tools. Modern day technology has expanded further with industrial diamond abrasives and polishing, for superior floor cleaning. The same principles of stonework remain, requiring no less of a degree of skill in the use of these techniques, Just faster and more efficient production. These new processes were great news for us as it means cheaper flooring surfaces and well polished worktops!

Granite is a real investment and costly to install, however its beauty greatly enhances any environment. Kitchen work surfaces and flooring are more susceptible to wear and tear than any other! Even through everyday use, accidental damage does happen, be it chips, cracks, stains, or other. It isn’t unusual for even this hard wearing stone to fade over time on the most heavily used surfaces. Thankfully Heritage Stonecare can quickly and easily restore damaged granite worktops and flooring surfaces to their original lustre – and for much less than the expense of a complete replacement.

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