When it comes to natural stone care in the UK, limestone can be one of the toughest to clean and maintain. Limestone is a soft sedimentary rock composed in parts of calcium carbonate in one of two forms; calcite or aragonite. It is a highly porous stone and readily absorbs stains and environmental damage from sulphur dioxide present in the air. The  soft structure  of limestone in comparison to marble, granite and terrazzo, makes it particularly  prone to surface scratches, impact marks from items being dropped on it, footfall and frost damage to name a few. This can lead to cracking and fracturing in some of the worst cases.

The simple act of walking on Limestone can cause hundreds of minute surfaces scratches i.e. from dirt and grit particles carried on shoes, while these are not individually apparent to the naked eye they can have a collective effect of dulling the lustre of the Limestone. Added to this opening of the pores of the stone  is the increased potential for deep staining.

Cleaning your Limestone and regular maintenance is essential for keeping your stone in tip top condition, delaying the need for complete restoration. Scratched, stained, grouting or adhesive marked Limestone tiles are a few of the most common problems associated with Limestone Cleaning. Heritage Stonecare have extensive experience in the sensitive approach and techniques needed for cleaning, restoring and maintaining your Limestone floor. Ensuring that you can enjoy your beautiful stone floor surfaces for many years to come.

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