Marble is a  sedimentary metamorphic rock composed of re-crystalised carbonate minerals, similar to Limestone. It has become  one of the most attractive natural stones to have in a domestic or commercial setting. Also like Limestone it is very easy to scratch or stain. Home owners can find a wealth of commercially available marble floor cleaning products with any number of generic cleaning agents. These can have varying degrees of success, some of them relying wholly on harsh chemical abrasion. At Heritage Stonecare we believe in a gentle and considered approach when dealing with marble or any other stone surface, without the help of professional marble cleaning and polishing it is nearly impossible to keep your expensive marble floors and worktops in their original condition.

Investing in our marble care and floor cleaning services – We will ensure your marble is as bright and clean as the day it was installed. At Heritage Stonecare we tailor our service for your individual needs,  no two stains are ever the same, so there is no generic approach to restoring a marble surface. Whether you need a small worktop cleaned and polished, a staircase refinished and re-sealed or a large commercial floor area cleaned, restored and polished we are able to cater to your request.

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