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  • Stone floor cleaning, polishing and restoration works.
  • Worktop restoration, shallow and deep surface scratches with colour matching.
  • Maintenance services and annual strip, clean and resurface.
  • Deep cleaning & resealing.
  • Chipped edges and broken corners, cracks and fractures, deep staining, ring marks, limescale damage etc.
  • Restoration of granite, marble and natural stone worktops.
  • Granite, marble and natural stone worktop restoration works.
  • Installation of Worktops, Tiling, Patio and driveway
  • Brick cleaning
  • Patio and driveway cleaning (inc. block paving sanding)
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The experience we have gleaned over the years has enabled us to develop number of stone repair methods. Some are standard practice within the stone industry  others however are unique to Heritage Stonecare and so won’t be described here. All of the techniques we use however guarantee a beautiful end result.

If you would like to know more about our stone floor cleaning service, worktop repair service or any of the stone care services that we currently offer in and around London and the UK please phone 07516 964174. Alternatively you can email us anytime at


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                                       So how do we do it?

The entire process consists of 5 steps, however it is important to remember that every stone restoration project is in many ways unique and so the steps can vary.

  1. An initial deep cleaning process is used removing ingrained  dirt, old sealants and polishes etc. and the dirty water collected and removed to prevent it penetrating back into the stone.
  2. Any necessary repairs are then carried out to the stone.
    The top surface of the stone is ground away using a graduated series of abrasive pads. This step removes some stains, marks and scratches but leaves the surface slightly matt.
  3. The surface is then honed and with finer graduated abrasive diamond pads so that it is completely smooth and free of all dust and debris. These honing works are often carried out with our water based system, which keeps dust and disruption to a minimum.
  4. At this point various stone polishing methods can be applied ; either left on a honed finish or polished to a deep shine to create a tailored finish.
  5. A highly penetrating impregnating sealer is applied to the finished stone surface. This specialised product seals the surface while still allowing the stone to breathe - this is key to prevent future damage from frost or settled liquids.
On-going maintenance, regular polishing and stone floor cleaning care can be provided by Heritage Stonecare, and at a fraction of the price of replacement. It is always easier to prevent a stain than to remove it.


Call Now For A Free, No Obligation Quote On :- 07516 964 174