Terrazzo, from the Italian word Terrazza for terrace, was created several hundred years ago in Italy when Venetian workers from the Friuli area discovered a new use for discarded marble remnants. Marble workers began to use odd-size marble pieces remaining from the custom made marble slabs to surface the floor around their living quarters.The uneven, rough surfaces created when the marble pieces were placed in portland to set them, convinced the workers that flattening the floor would produce a smoother surface more comfortable for walking. So they began to polish the surfaces with hand stones achieving a smoother flat surface.

From the early hand presses of terrazzo tile production to the sophisticated hydraulic diamond floor cleaning and grinders of today, precast terrazzo tiles and units have increased in popularity. The likelihood of staining or cracking of the finished surface has been greatly reduced, due to modern sealing chemicals in part and being able to properly control the moisture ratio of the tile. When compared to Marble cleaning, Marble polishing or repair of some of the other softer materials we deal with, Terrazzo is considered to be very tough, hard wearing and somewhat stain resistant. Where used externally as entrance steps, or on commercial staircases, it can however become victim of either the weather, abrasive floor cleaning methods or footfall which can erode the cement around the marble chippings. This requires polishing down of the marble chippings to restore a smooth flush finish.

Regular maintenance in the form of periodic floor cleaning is then advised so that your floor remains looking new. Our specialist stone care professionals can advise both the initial terrazzo floor cleaning and restoration but also an on-going maintenance schedule to suit your requirements. Slip rating is often a key factor in commercial stone flooring.

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