Travertine is also a calcite like Limestone, denser and more highly compacted than true Limestone. While this certainly reduces a lot of the problems associated with Limestone, Travertine has its unique characteristics.

Travertine has many natural air pockets  running throughout the  natural stone. When taken to the factory and cut to form, these holes, produced by running water during its formation become a feature of the floor. Unfortunately, they are dirt magnets! Gathering dirt and grime in these pockets increases the exposure the stone has to the oils, acids and abrasives found in the dirt. This makes the material prone to discolouration, chipping and surface wear. Though they are often filled in the factory prior to installation, the material used to fill is usually not sealed as part of the process. Leaving these pockets to appear in later years.

As air pockets open and develop, they can be attended to as part of the process of cleaning and polishing your Travertine floor, worktop, or wall tiles.

After an initial clean to remove the worst of the surface dirt, any large holes (more than 5mm in diameter) are carefully filled with a specialised 2 part resin. This is carefully colour matched by our professionals so it will not alter the natural and desired look of the stone. However it greatly reduces the chances of chipping and stops dirt gathering in and around the holes. Then the restoration process can begin.

Once a smooth surface is created we can hone the floor or worktop to any finish of your choice using our low impact diamond pads. Restoring the original beauty of your surface. Regular periodic floor cleaning and maintenance from Heritage Stonecare can ensure the quality of this finish for many years to come.

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